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Best ionic mobile app development company in Bangalore

Ionic Framework is an open source UI tool kit  for developing a high quality mobile and desktop apps using HTML,CSS and JavaScript web technologies.Mainly focused on front end user experience,its simple to understand and can be used as standalone without a frontend framework using a simple script include.

Wincent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Top Ionic Mobile Apps Development Company in Bangalore.

1. Multiple-platform

Develop and deploy apps that work across different platforms, such as Native iOS, Android, desktop, and the web as a Progressive Web App(PWA) – all with one code base. Write once, run anywhere(WORA).

2. Web Standards-based

Ionic Framework is Consistently good in quality or performance,web technologies using Web APIs such as Custom Elements and Shadow DOM. Because of this, Ionic components have a stable API, and aren’t at the urge of a single platform vendor.

3. Elegant Design

Elegant, easy and highly functional. Ionic Framework is designed to work and display pleasingly innovative across all platforms. Kick off with pre-designed components, typography, interactive paradigms, and attractive base theme.

5. Simplicity

Ionic Framework is built with easiness in mind, so that developing Ionic apps is enjoyable, simple to learn, and accessible to one who is having knowledge on web development skills.

6. License

Ionic Framework is a free and open source estimate, released under the acceptable MIT license. That means can be used in personal or commercial projects for free. MIT is the same license used by projects as jQuery and Ruby on Rails.

7. Ionic CLI

The official Ionic CLI, or Command Line Interface, is a tool that rapidly make platform for  Ionic apps and provides a number of useful commands to Ionic developers. In extension to installing and updating Ionic, the CLI comes with a built-in development server, build and debugging tools.

Framework Compatibility

During past releases of Ionic were tightly coupled to Angular, V4 of the framework was re-configure to work as a standalone Web Component library, with integrations for the latest JavaScript frameworks, like Angular. Ionic can be used in most frontend frameworks with success result, including React and Vue, though some frameworks need for full Web Component support.


The main goals with Ionic 4 was to remove any hard requirement on a single framework to host the components. That means the core components can run standalone with just a script tag in a web page. During working with frameworks can be extreme for larger teams and larger apps, now possible to use Ionic as a standalone library in a single page even in a context like WordPress.


Angular has continually been at the middle of what makes Ionic nice. whereas the core elements are written to figure as a standalone netpart library, the @ionic/angularpackage makes integration with the Angular system a breeze. @ionic/angular includes all the practicality that Angular developers would expect returning from Ionic 2/3, and integrates with core Angular libraries, just like the Angular router.

Future Support

Support for different frameworks are measure expected in future unleash. Presently official bindings for Vue and React square measure being developed, tho’ some elements simply estimate of the enclose those frameworks.

Ionic Framework V4+

Ionic Framework V4 may be a major advance within the underlying technology and capabilities of the project, with a spotlight on performance, compatibility, and overall extensibility. though V4 still integrates deeply with Angular through the @ionic/angular package, it’s currently additionally framework-agnostic, which means it will work with the other JavaScript framework (Vue, React, Preact, etc), or with no framework in the slightest degree.

By moving to net standards, V4 permits the core of Ionic to place confidence in the quality part model supported in trendy browsers, instead of a framework-specific model. this will mean quicker load time, higher performance, and fewer overall code.

Ionic Appflow

To help manage Ionic apps throughout their lifecycle, we also offer a commercial app platform for production apps called Ionic Appflow, which is separate from the open source Framework.

Ionic Appflow helps developers and groups compile native app builds and deploy live code updates to Ionic apps from a centralized dashboard. facultative paid upgrades are on the market for additional advanced capabilities like advancement automation, single sign-on (SSO) and access to connected services and integrations.

Appflow needs associate degree Ionic Account and comes with a free “Starter” arrange for those curious about joking with a number of its options.

Wincent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Top Ionic Mobile Apps Development Company in Bangalore.

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