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Windows Application is a User build application that can keep running on a Windows stage. The windows application has a graphical UI that is given by Windows Forms. Windows frames give an assortment of controls including Button, Textbox, Radio Button, Checkbox, and other information and association controls. You can undoubtedly plan a web application utilizing an IDE Microsoft Visual Studio utilizing an assortment of dialects including C#, Visual Basic, C++, J# etc.

Wincent technologies have More than 10 years’ Experience to develop   Mobile Application. We offer end-to-end solutions for windows app development to assist our clients demand to the biggest user base possible. Wincent is one of the best windows phone apps development company in Bangalore. We have well-experienced professionals who have all the skill needed to develop Windows applications. We use all the latest and updated tools and technologies to include as many features in-app that we develop. Before starting we first go through your competitor's apps and then see how we can do better than those apps that are user-friendly and stands out in the crowd as a leader. Our app developers also are well qualified in porting windows apps to different platforms. we have a tendency to develop easy, descriptive and fun apps for Windows devices.

Why should I Use  Window Application

  1. Windows application gets installed on a Windows-based operating system.
  2. Windows application can directly be executed on a Windows operating system
  3. Window Application is automatically updated through Micostore.
  4. It is designed to work with multiple input devices: touchscreens, digital pens, mouse and keyboard, etc.
  5. Apps can work on both ARM and x86 system architecture and processors, making them more flexible for use on multiple hardware platforms.


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