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Wincent Technologies is one of the best online exam software developement company, providing a platform where companies, institutes and organizations can conduct the online quiz/ test/ exam. It is having number of features which makes it easy to use, you can create exam designer any type of quiz, test or exam, simple to sophisticated can be created within minutes.

Software Features
  • School or colleges can use our software to conduct the exam for students.
  • We have option to set multiple selection question and answer.
  • We have option of creating question by text or image.
  • We have option of creating multiple answers by text or image.
  • We can set the exam question with all fields like sports , politics etc.
  • We can collect the each questions from different topic in our software.
  • We can publish the winner of exam.
  • Student can login and verify his question and answer of previous exam.
  • Student can maintain his profile.
  • Student can see his exam histories.
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