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Clinical management software

Clinical Management Software or Clinic Management system is a computer software product that facilitate and coordinate all the activities associated with the administration and running of healthcare facilities. They should meet determined security, innovation and useful models for overseeing electronic therapeutic records and practice the executives data. A few systems keep up the total Patient Information combined with the electronic medical records.Every large and small clinic can utilize clinic data management software.

Clinic management system includes features such as Outpatient Management, Pharmacy, Radiology, Inventory, Mobile Apps, Online Scheduling, Secured Messaging, Doctor and Patient Portals, Accounting and many more.

Advantages of utilizing Clinic Management System 

  1. Paperless Record System

The fundamental use of Clinical management software or Clinic management system is that it encourages you to dispose of all the manual paper work. They are hard to store and keep up as well as inclined to mileage. The product incorporates the module ‘electronic well being records’ which keep up all the fundamental reports and data in its system.

    •  Highlights of a successful electronic health record system,
    • Builds up effective clinical workflows
    • removes the requirement for storing, managing and recovering bulky paper records
    • Gives you simpler access to clinical information
    • Can accumulate patients information that empowers effort to a discrete gathering of populations
    • Helps in Maintaining Patients data management system
  1. Simpler and Quicker Access to Patient’s Records and Other Data

It’s fundamental for any social insurance supplier to have the option to track, store, and access patient’s restorative records effortlessly. With the assistance of facility programming the board, one can undoubtedly record, update and chronicle significant patient information inside the framework for access at future experiences. With the help of clinical data management software or Clinic management system the doctors can track the records quickly

The system creates the record as a stream sheet for every patient. You will discover details like past diagnoses, medical surgeries, chronic issues, test results, vaccinations, and more on it. At the point when required, the specialist can have a look at the whole history of the patient at the snap of a catch.

  1. Coordination Between Various Departments

With an integrated arrangement of looking after records, such programming enables the specialists of different departments to facilitate with one another so as to survey a patient’s condition better.

  1.  Improved Efficiency

Clinic management system improves the general efficiency of the association via computerizing the whole system. The software helps in streamlining each component of a healthcare center. Some of which includes record keeping, printing out prescriptions, graphing, planning patients appointment and billing function. It additionally keeps up records and stock.

  1. Patient Satisfaction

One of the most important highlights of  clinical data management software is planning. It implies the patients don’t need to call and make arrangements by means of phone. They can book their own appointments online any time of the day.

Besides, the planning module conveys computerized arrangement suggestions to the patients by means of email, content, and call with the goal that they don’t miss it.

Proceeding onward, the system additionally decreases the waiting time for patients at the clinics. The system tracks and deals with the patient experience before they even walk in the door. this system reduces waiting times which is generally spent rounding out filling forms

  1. Accuracy

Electronic health records are error free. It disposes the chance of human errors as all the task are automated

During the billing process without the help of the clinical data management software it will be hard to monitor everything that should be finished. The module tracks insurance guarantee status and directions billing with protection suppliers. This guarantees the cases are prepared quickly and accurately.

  1. Speedy Service
  2. Clinic management system saves the hour of writing prescriptions, computing and making bills, documenting and chasing for patient records and furthermore keeping up arrangement plans. Accordingly, doctors can give more consideration to their patients and give them expedient and better assistance.

Modules of clinical management software

  • Patient Registration

Patient Registration module of Clinical management software or Medical Practice Management System is designed to manage vital statistics for the patient information chart. It contains the patient details such as name, address ,contact details, Date of birth , employer and many other information.It contains unique patient ID for tracking number of visits.
It automatically verifies patients’ benefits eligibility and also send updates through SMS text messages or emails.

  • Appointment Scheduling

This module in Clinic Management System provide effective ways to schedule appointments of patients for the doctors and medical laboratory services.It includes a scheduling element that allows medical staff to create and track upcoming visits of patients.Schedules are often made easy to identify for doctors and nurses.This clinical management software provide quick and effective patient scheduling.Patients as well as staff can check appointment status.It has appointment availability both
Online and offline.Also sends updates through SMS text message or email.

  • Laboratory management module

Laboratory Management module in Clinic Management System or Clinic data management software is utilized by medical laboratories to record and spread the information related to the tests performed.It effectively manages medical tests, exam reports and other lab department activities.It contains variety of workflow modules.Also SMS or Email will be sent to patient when results are available.

  • Pharmacy management module

This module in Clinic Management System can manage Complete pharmacy activity.Just as patient collects medicines from pharmacy shop their charges will automatically transferred to patient billing.Prescriptions can be received from consulting doctors.It avoids incorrect distribution of medication.

Specialities of clinic data management software

It supports:

» Windows-based (offline)

» Cloud-based (online)

» Mobile-based

» LAN Based(Internal)


To summarize, the clinical management software or Clinic management system is the need of great importance. Different propelled nations around the globe have robotized their therapeutic industry with this system, and Clinics and medical clinics in India are quick adjusting to the progressions and actualizing center administration programming for expanded effectiveness and improved assistance.

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