Laboratory management system is a software based framework used to deal with all modern’s laboratory operations. A large portion of these systems deal with the order entry, result in entry, patient check in,  patient demographics and so on. This system chiefly enables the Features of hospital management system such as specialists to enter results into a database that is open to approved clients when a patient tested at the hospital, clinics etc. It further helps in generating report on hospital management system.

A lims software is programming designed to make labs that procedure enormous amounts of tests for innovative work (R&D), manufacturing, and clinical research progressively proficient and powerful.

Laboratory information management system belongs to the class of application software expected for storage  and management of data acquired over the span of the laboratory. The systems are utilized to control the synopsis for hospital management system and manage samples, test results, reports, lab staff, instruments, and workflow automation. Integration of laboratory information management systems with the enterprises information system will make it conceivable to immediately transmit expected information to the lab and the venture organization. Key words information estimation system-laboratory information management systems 

About The Purpose behind a LIMS software

The basic role of a pathology software is to improve efficiency in lab activities by eliminating manual tasks.What data your LIMS naturally catches, how it enters the system, and where and how it’s stored depends on which LIMS vendor you pick.

Functions of LIMS software

Functions of lims are similar to Modules of hospital management system

  • Result Management
  • Sample/Specimen Management
  • Quality control of analyses and instruments
  • Patient demographics
  • Order Management
  • Incorporate with HIS and different frameworks

Introduction to the need of LIMS Software:

  • More work, less paper: 

        Lab staff center more around patient consideration                         instead of sitting around idly in doing desk work.

  • Upgraded Patient Safety: 

       With the better access to results completely implemented quality checks, patient security is improved.

Improved turnaround times: 

       Reduces the work times from hours to minutes via mechanizing manual procedures.

  • Volume and limit increment:

        With the current arrangement of analyzers and instruments and with the better turn around times, test runs and patient volume get an expansion

LIMS Benefits:

    • Efficiency
    • Accuracy
    • Patients satisfaction
  • Productivity

Conclusion :

So considering the above points we can conclude that a Laboratory Management System is a necessity for all Hospitals/Clinics for efficient operation.

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