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ERP Software takes data from all areas of a business into one complete project framework so information can be shared crosswise over divisions progressively so as to well-organized forms and robotize basic operation.

ERP Software is a business management technology solution that businesses and manufacturers use to collect, store, manage, and communicate data across all functions of the enterprise. Users interact with the software via visually-collaborate dashboards. Typically ERP dashboards contain color-coded bar charts and graphs, together with different visual descriptions of knowledge that provide users a quick look at key metrics. it's crucial that ERP users have access to dashboard metrics as a result of they track and liveinformation that ends up in business method improvement.

Benefits of Erp Software

1.     It Increases Efficiency.

2.     It Promotes Collaboration.

3.     It Increases Data Security.

4.     It Helps You Comply with Industry Regulations.

5.     It Allows You to Make Accurate Forecasts.

6.     It Increases Operational Flexibility.

7.   It Reduces Operational Costs.


  1. Industry Specific ERP

        Example: Oracle

  1. Web-Based ERP

      Example: Sage, SAP, NetSuite ERP, Tech Integra ERP

  1. Small Business ERP

      Example: Zoho

  1. Open source ERP software

      Example: odoo,Erpnext

  1. Hybrid ERP

     Example: Infor CloudSuite, Epicor ERP


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