A hybrid application is local applications simply because it tends to be downloaded from a stage's application store like a local application. It can gain admittance to all the local stage highlights. It can have execution near a local application.

Why we choose Hybrid Application

  •   The single code base for all platforms means write once and run anywhere but for native app scenario, we need to build and maintain separate app and code for each platform.
    • The same development team can deliver an app for any platform including website as well because all required is web technologies.
    • Hybrid App is based on web technologies, so the same app can be run on browser like any other website or can be run as Progressive Web App(PWA).
    • Hybrid apps can achieve the same hardware-based performance acceleration as a native app.
    • Hybrid app can have same and consistent user experience across platform regardless of user moves between different devices or browser.



Benefits of Hybrid  Application

1. Low cost with ease of development

In the wildly competitive digital era where ‘time to market’ has become critical than ever, cost efficiency plays a vital role in helping enterprises build and get their product to the market in no time. With the help of a set of libraries and various development frameworks such as Xamarin and PhoneGap, hybrid app developers can accelerate the development process and submit the app to various app stores to apparently save both time and cost.

2.Ease of Integration

You can discover a few similitudes between half and half versatile applications and local portable applications. For instance, both these applications utilize the programming dialect of the gadget so as to synchronize with other perfect applications. This can keep application designers from the problem that is related to joining. Therefore, hybrid applications would work impeccably well with informing, cameras, GPS, and other gadget data so as to give the most ideal client encounter. This can contribute to upgraded consumer loyalty by the day's end.

3.Improved UI/UX:-

A Regular client encounter over different portable stages is one of the fundamental explanations for half brand applications everywhere. Clients expect the application to be in a flash responsive on various gadgets and convey a without glitch encounter. Hybrid applications depend on the possibility of "data is only a tap away". And keep in mind that it shows information quicker and acclimates to various gadget screen setups promptly, it likewise settles the issues of the fluctuating information gushing abilities. Being lightweight, the Hybrid application UI can likewise stack the top-notch designs and substance rapidly.

4.High-speed performance

Our smartphones and networks have become much faster today. In fact, Wincent technologies show that the latest iPhone is ten times faster than a 2009-era 3GS.

One of the biggest advantages we’ve gained from building on native iOS has been the ability to make the app fast. Now, when you scroll through your news feed on the new Facebook for iOS, you’ll notice that it feels much faster than before.”

“Mobile is the enabling centerpiece of digital convergence. Mobile is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence, but mobile is also the digital gateway for the real world to join in this global metamorphosis of human behavior.” -

                                                                                                                                                                              Daniel Bake, Co-founder of Nodes


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